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Quality and Testing

With California’s fiscal situation, aging infrastructure and continued urban growth, our cities and counties are faced with unique challenges. It’s critical that each public works project stretch the dollars spent to maximize the community’s investment. At P.U. INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED, the quality assurance programs we have established for public agencies throughout the state emphasize the most cost effective practices. Whether it is a major water/wastewater project, bridge and roadway improvement, underground utility work, or airport improvement project, Twining has the requisite expertise and capabilities to effectively establish and maintain a quality assurance program that is in strict compliance with the local assistance procedures manual as well as state and federal mandates.

P.U. INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED provides the following services for local agencies:

  • Initial engineering design and evaluation
  • Specification development and review
  • Materials review and verification for acceptance
  • Public works inspection
  • Source inspection
  • Acceptance laboratory testing and evaluation
  • Federal compliance
  • Final quality assurance report and project closeout

Our network of sophisticated laboratories are certified by CCRL, Caltrans, AASHTO, the Army Corps of Engineers and other pertinent agencies and staffed with experienced laboratory managers and technicians with experience on critical infrastructure projects.

P.U. INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED employs project managers, registered civil and geotechnical engineers who have years of experience in public works quality assurance. Each engineer is fully responsible for the project that they manage which creates a seamless flow of engineering recommendations, inspection reports and laboratory reports. We maintain a project management approach that utilizes electronic inspection reporting where possible and appropriate.

A proactive inspection approach is an integral part of P.U. INFRASTRUCTURE’s culture that is passed down to all of our inspectors. The importance of proper documentation, communication, and awareness is key to a successful public works project. Our inspectors understand what is expected by our clients. When a non-compliance issue has been determined to exist, it is communicated to the project team at the moment of occurrence and then tracked until reconciled.

We are uniquely positioned to provide quality assurance programs from start to finish. Through our partnerships with Caltrans and various universities, we have knowledge of proven technological advances in construction that we can pass on to our clients and incorporate in their projects as appropriate. We routinely contribute to the American Public Works Association by presenting technical sessions related to some of the newest technological advances. Whether it involves rapid strength concrete, warm mix asphalt, high volume fly ash mixes to reduce greenhouse gases, or 100% recycled materials, P.U. INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATE LIMITED Infrastructure can provide the proper solution for your project.